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What Is Cervical Traction?

Before we get into how a cervical traction table can aid your recovery, let’s first discuss what that treatment approach is.

Cervical traction primarily involves a chiropractor stretching their patient’s neck and head. The stretching is done gently to ensure that it is carried out properly. By stretching the neck and head, the chiropractor creates more space between the bones in the cervical spine.

What does stretching like that achieve?

For starters, cervical traction is useful for alleviating the pressure that has built up along the spine. If you have a pinched nerve or a herniated disc somewhere on your spine, the stretching motions can relieve the pressure that’s causing them. The stretching will also restore your spine’s proper alignment.

This type of treatment also works on muscles and connective tissues that have tensed up around your cervical spine. By gently stretching your head and neck, your chiropractor can release your tense muscles and tissues. You’ll experience relief not long after the stretches are completed.

The primary benefit of undergoing cervical traction is pain relief. However, it also addresses the lack of flexibility that often accompanies issues like pinched nerves, herniated discs, and tense muscles. Following treatment, your body should be able to move significantly better.

Consult with Dr. Berry, Dr. Miller, Dr. Wood, Dr. Dahl, and Dr. Salmon of La Costa Chiropractic & Wellness if you’re looking to try cervical traction table treatment in Carlsbad, CA.

How Do Cervical Traction Tables Help Patients?

Now that we know more about cervical traction, let’s discuss how the addition of a cervical traction table can improve your treatment. Traction tables help chiropractors and patients by reducing pressure.

When you lie down on a cervical traction table, the chiropractor will ask you to assume a comfortable position that relieves pressure on your spine. You don’t have to just assume one specific position. Because traction tables are adjustable, you can move around until you get comfortable.

Make sure to communicate how you’re feeling to your chiropractor so they can make adjustments if needed.

The cervical traction table also provides support. It helps keep you balanced so no excess pressure is applied to any part of your body. Because of the way the traction table works, it can effectively prep your body for chiropractic treatment.

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